Update: Just to be clear, the committee agreed to scrap the article but the parliament still needs to vote on it. Also LBCI reported that the committee has only agreed so far to scrap it but will “hold another meeting on Dec.14 to work out the details involved in canceling Article 522.”

Article 522 was FINALLY abolished today by the Parliament’s Administration and Justice Committee, as confirmed by MP Robert Ghanem who heads the committee. The committee was expected to continue its discussion of a draft law that was originally presented by Lebanese Forces MP Elie Keyrouz.

This decision comes after the sit-in that was organized by ABAAD yesterday calling for abolishing Article 522 that allows rapists to get away with their crime if they marry the woman they raped. That article was meant to preserve the “honor and dignity of the victim’s family”.

This is great news!

Photo Credits: ABAAD