Article 522 in the Lebanese Penal Code allows rapists to get away with their crime if they marry the woman they raped. That article was meant to preserve the “honor and dignity of the victim’s family”, which is a utter nonsense and total BS. Few months back, there was a proposal to cancel that law but the bill was referred to Speaker Nabih Berri and there were no updates ever since and I doubt there will be, as long as there are other MPs who still blame women for getting raped.

Unfortunately, only 1% of Lebanese have heard about Article 522 according to a survey done by ABAAD even though several NGOs have been fighting to abolish this article for years.

جاء في بالمادة 522 من قانون العقوبات اللبناني
«اذا عقد زواج صحيح بين مرتكب احدى الجرائم الواردة في هذا الفصل (الاغتصاب – اغتصاب القاصر – فض بكّارة مع الوعد بالزواج – الحضّ على الفجور – التحرّش بطفلة – التعدّي الجنسي على شخص ذي نقص جسدي او نفسي…) وبين المُعتدَى عليها أوقفت الملاحقة واذا كان صدر الحكم بالقضية علّق تنفيذ العقاب الذي فرض عليه»

ABAAD has recently kicked off a new campaign to abolish this law once and for all and shared this powerful video: