Lebanese MP Elie Marouni doesn’t know much about Lebanon and doesn’t think very highly of women rights in Lebanon.

When asked in a recent conference on why Lebanese women are not allowed to pass their nationality to their children, he said he’s all in favor but it might disrupt Lebanon’s demographic balance with all the Palestinian and Syrian refugees here. For those who still think they are a threat, why are Lebanese men allowed to pass on their nationality while Lebanese women can’t?

Moving on to the best part, he had the nerves to “blame” women for being raped instead of bashing the ridiculous Article 522 of Lebanon’s penal code that allows rapists to get away with their crime if they marry the woman they raped?

To quote what he said “There are certain circumstances where we need to ask ourselves if women have a role in pushing men to rape them”

“في بعض الاماكن و بعض المطارح بدنا نسأل شو دور المرأة في قيادة الرجل إلى اغتصابها”

And he ended up with a “Wa Chukran” to show how proud he is of that statement.

Thank you Raneem for noticing these statements.