Update: Abou Arab is not shutting down.

I love Kaak and I loved Abou Arab, I think almost everyone did for its quick service and convenience despite knowing hygiene wasn’t its strongest point. Yesterday, Abou Arab declared it is shutting down all its branches in Lebanon until further notice, which is quite unfortunate, but let’s take the positive out of it and support other shops, mainly Lebanese ones, selling Kaak.

Most Lebanese bakeries make their own Kaak too like Wooden Bakery, Chamsine & Moulin D’or but these are rarely hot and not so good to be honest. On the other hand, smaller bakeries and shops like “The Lebanese Bakery” in Achrafieh, Kaake Square in Mar Mikhail, Abdo in Hamra, Beit el Kaak in Msaytbeh, Kaakat in Achrafieh and many others make a great Kaake, add to that the Tripolitan Kaake of course. The only inconvenience is that these are bound to one location usually, unlike Abou Arab which was more accessible.

Still, with all the delivery services out there, and the lack of traffic, you can support these businesses and enjoy a good Ka’ake.