We have a new team in this year’s Lebanese Basketball season top-division: “Beirut Club”. The team was promoted to the top division along with Antonieh this year and is proving to be a title-contender after finishing second in the most recent Henri Chalhoub cup.

I haven’t heard about this club until recently, but I did some research and asked some friends and they have a solid management and financial support. They’re basically the same group of people who came to Sagesse few years back, including Nabil Hakim, Joseph Abdel Massih, Henry Chalhoub’s son George Chalhoub and others. They also brought in some really good players like Miguel Martinez, Bassel Bawje and Rony Fahed. The team’s coach is Patrich Saba.

The only problem with the club is that it doesn’t have a proper fanbase yet, but if it proves to have a solid management and performs well, it will be a matter of time before it becomes popular among basketball fans, maybe some Sagesse fans even.