If you’re a non-resident Lebanese who’s eligible to vote in the upcoming Lebanese elections, you only have 47 days left to register on the Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website. You can also access the mobile app (MOFA) and register there.

The registration is straight forward and consists of three easy steps:

1- Go to https://diasporavote.mfa.gov.lb or download the [MOFA app].

2- Access the registration page and fill in your basic information. Once done, an e-mail will be sent to the applicant to activate his / her account to prevent fraud.

3- The form will then be filled out according to the form approved by the Ministry of Interior and Municipalities, to be sent to the nearest accredited Lebanese mission within the address of residency for review and audit.

Expats may not be getting a seat in the upcoming elections but they will be able to finally cast their vote.