This year, it won’t be Beirut’s municipality that will set up its ugly, over-priced and fake Christmas decoration on Martyrs Square. Instead, Hayat Nazer, the talented Lebanese artist who built a Phoenix statue out of the metals of broken tents, is launching an initiative to build a tree out of pans, coffee pots and spoons.

Hayat uploaded a video on Insta asking people to put their own designs on the pan, write down their names and the name of their home town as well as a personal wish for Lebanon. Added to that, she wants people to take a picture of their customized pans to be used later in a collage video.

Feel free to get in touch with Hayat if you wish to help building that tree. It’s an awesome initiative and great way to unite people’s wishes around a Christmas tree. After all, Christmas is a time of renewed hope for all people around the world, and especially for us Lebanese in such hard times.

Check out the video [here].