World renowned Lebanese jewelers Mouawad have created a new $5 million, 167-karat crown for this year’s Miss Universe. Mouawad had previously designed on a couple of occasions Victoria’s Secret fantasy bras among other noticeable features.

The crown was unveiled for the first time Thursday in a ceremony led by Miss Universe president and CEO Paula Shugart and Mouawad CEO Pascal Mouawad. “The crown design features intricate 18-karat gold vines and ivy leaves inlaid with more than 1,770 diamonds. The centerpiece is a 62.83-karat golden canary diamond. It’s flanked by two smaller diamonds cut from the same stone mined from Botswana, Pascal Mouawad said.” [Source]

Pascal Mouawad had relocated to Los Angeles since 2006 and worked with many Hollywood celebrities, the likes of Nicole Richie, Kristin Cavallari and Kim Kardashian, in past years.