Few weeks back, we decided to go to Deir El Amar to visit a friend. We reached the road leading to Deir el Amar after a 45 minutes drive. The road from there was very nice but very badly designed. A lot of blind corners and barely any straights.

Once we got to Deir El Amar, our friend drove us to a place in the middle of nowhere up on the highest point in the city called “Bistrot 3a rawa2”. The place serves Lebanese and European food and has only outdoor tables. Its owner built it by himself during the July war in 2006 as he was stuck in Deir El Amar and had nothing to do. It opens only in summer.

While the waitress was taking our order, i noticed she was typing everything on her Iphone, turns out the kitchen is across the road and they have a website with a mobile application where they take orders and send them without having to visit the kitchen everytime. Pretty impressive for a place that far away from the city.

We ordered mostly Lebanese food, Labneh, Cheese, Chanklish etc …
The food was ok and the service very decent, but what you would love most about this place is how serene and beautiful it is. Music was also very convenient, no arabic or pop songs, just jazz and calm songs.

Last but not least, i advise those interested to try and visit the restaurant in day light in order to enjoy the scenery and have a safer drive.