I think it’s pretty obvious from all my pictures and posts that Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love everything about this month (except traffic of course). This year we’re very excited for Christmas because our baby will be celebrating his very first Christmas, and I wanted to get Brian gifts to celebrate this big milestone and that will remain great keepsakes as he grows older.

Here are five original items to get for your little’s one first Christmas!

1- Santa Costume & Christmas Pyjamas For Babies:

I hate getting costumes in Lebanon because most of them are found in toy shops and are low quality. However, I found these two items during my last trip to Dubai at Gymboree and Sergent Major. they’re good quality and not that expensive (Around $30). The costumes are also available in Lebanon at Gymboree (LeMall) and Sergent Major (ABC).

2- First Christmas Stockings:

I found these at Mamas & Papas and they fit perfectly on Brian’s bed.

3- First Christmas Ornament:

I also found this Christmas ball at Mamas & Papas in Dbayyeh. They have three different colors, blue, pink and this one.

4- Baby Handprint Ornament:

This is a very special ornament that we got last year for my niece for her first Christmas. You put your baby’s handprint or footprint and hang it on the tree. You can also color it once done to make it more Christmasy. I got it from Moms And Babies at ABC Dbayyeh.

5- A personalized Christmas Book with your baby’s picture:

This is a very original idea and a one of a kind gift for your baby or any parents. It’s a personalized book where your baby is integrated as the main character. All you have to do is send createmybook.me a picture, then a team of illustrators will draw your baby and make him the star of their first ever Christmas book. The book consists of 24 fully illustrated color pages with a personalized hard-cover. I already ordered two books, one for Brian and another for my niece. I will show you a preview as soon as they are done. You can check out the [website] for more details.

In addition to all these gifts, I’m definitely getting a first Christmas photo frame and a couple of personalized frame prints and Christmas cards. I’m also thinking of starting a new Christmas tradition but I didn’t decide on one yet.