Two days ago, Google was showing a wrong conversion currency rate for the Lebanese Pound whereas 1 US dollar equalled 767.51 Lebanese Pounds while the real value is 1,506.65. The currency was showing correctly on all other websites but for some reason Google’s value was wrong.

A couple of hours later, the issue got fixed and the value was back to normal but I still have no idea how that happened. To begin with, Google makes it clear that he “cannot guarantee the accuracy of the exchange rates displayed” and that “Data is provided by financial exchanges and may be delayed as specified by financial exchanges or their data providers and that Google does not verify any data and disclaims any obligation to do so” so the error must have come from one of the data providers.

If you look at the list here, there are only two in the Middle East and plenty in Asia so it’s hard to tell. What I know is that I’ve never experienced such a thing when googling currencies. Needless to say, one shouldn’t rely on Google for currency rates but it’s still pretty weird to get such a wrong value.