One of my favorite sandwich places is Canadian Burger. They’re located in a small alleyway in Bourj Hammoud opposite Mano. I’ve been going there since the 80s and my favorite item on their menu is their roasto with cheese sandwich which I personally believe is one of the best in Lebanon (tell them no pickles and extra salt). The place is tiny but always packed and that probably has to do with their prices (beside the food of course). They’re one of the cheapest places I’ve been to with the roasto and cheese sandwich being one of their expensive items at LL2,500. The regular roasto without cheese is LL2,000, their famous burgers are LL2,000 and so is the Philadelphia sandwich, chicken sandwich, asbeh, soujouk, makanek, and cheese and ham sandwich. Their hot dog is just LL1,500. The service is good although don’t expect to interact with the staff much since they’re always busy preparing sandwiches. The place actually is doing so well that it inspired a knock off right next door called “Lebanese Burger” which is always empty and doesn’t look too safe to eat at.

I highly recommend Canadian Burger and if you’re a tourist in Lebanon then Bourj Hammoud is a hidden gem. Lovely place with tons of small back streets filled with random shops that sell random things and that have been there for ages.