Something went wrong with my Iphone yesterday and i couldn’t hear anyone calling me unless my speaker phone was turned on.

I restarted many times and tried everything and it wouldn’t work. On my way back home, i passed by ABC Achrafieh and asked few cellphone stores if they know what could be the problem.
– One guy told me the speaker is messed up and it needs to be repaired.
– Another told me something is wrong with the board.

I honestly wasn’t convinced because if the speaker is messed up, i shouldn’t be able to hear at all. Similarly, if there’s something wrong with the board, then it is better if i throw away my phone or replace it.

I didn’t leave my phone and decided to search the net looking for similar problems. Turns out it is a simple glitch that occurs when you unplug your earphones when listening to a song.

You resolve it by plugging the earphones, stopping whatever song is playing and then unplugging it back.

I am pretty sure the two shop owners knew it was that simple and were probably going to charge me 40$ if not more for it.