I made a stop at Crepaway Jal el Dib on Friday and it didn’t take me much time to regret it. Last time i went there, it was at Kaslik and service and food seemed to have gotten better, but it could have been a coincidence, not more.

We sit down to order. Five minutes later, a waitress slips and breaks a glass she was carrying 1 meter away from our table. Glass is shattered under our table and pepsi is all over the lower part of my pants and my shoes, yet she goes and apologizes to her manager and ignores us.

Later, we order buffalo wings and two beers. I order them with the NON SPICY BBQ sauce and surprise surprise i get them with the SPICY sauce instead. Same thing in two different places. Maybe i should stop eating wings at all.

But the story does not end here, the manager comes and tries to actually convince me this is a BBQ sauce lol !

Anyway, they end up bringing the wings with several sauces on the side, and by looking at the wings, they seemed more like broasted than wings to me. As far as i know, a buffalo wing is fried without breading.

Funny part is that we received an email from Crepaway concerning our comments and how they would like to invite us to dinner to discuss our experience. I loved the idea but I didn’t have the time with my fellow bloggers to set up a meeting. However, i must point out that my aim from critisizing Crepaway here is not a free dinner, and if i were a Crepaway marketing officer, i would avoid inviting people over before fixing whatever is wrong there. Nevertheless, i already accepted the invitation and will make sure to pass my comments to the contact person and avoid ordering wings of course !!