A friend of mine called me today in the morning freaked out. I asked what’s wrong and he started telling me all about it.

Around 6 am, the door bell rings and wakes him up. He goes to open the door and find two armed detectives at his door step. They start asking questions about his next door neighbor, if he knows him, if he passed by yesterday, if he is in the apartment now. My friend was barely awake and didn’t realize what’s going on, and naturally answered them that he is home alone (or so he thought).

As he was going back to his room, he spots the shadow of someone on his balcony. He approaches closely and spots the neighbor without the later noticing. He goes back slowly to the front door and informs the detectives he is on the balcony.

They storm the place and capture him and leave. It turns out he is involved in some major car theft network and has been hiding for more than an hour on my friend’s balcony.

What a way to start your day !