Christmas is here, everyone is out buying gifts and wrapping them nicely to put them under the Christmas tree, or getting greeting cards to send them to their loves ones. Unfortunately, most of the greeting cards are corporate ones and end up in the trash bin, just like gift-wraps that we all throw away.

This year, and due to the waste crisis that’s still ongoing, ABC Lebanon & Women Uprising are launching an initiative to promote re-usability and recycling of gift-wraps in an attempt to reduce waste during the holidays. A sticker just like the one shown below will be placed on every gift-wrap and a flyer inside the bag providing all the information you need on how to recycle these papers and get used to the recycling habits. Moreover, there are collection boxes set up at both ABC Dbayeh & Achrafieh where you can drop off your Christmas wrapping papers and greeting cards to be recycle.

We all visit malls countless times during the holidays to buy gifts and check out the decoration, so let’s make an extra effort once Christmas is over and drop off the gift-wraps and useless cards in an attempt to reduce waste.

PS: For those interested, creative workshops on how to reuse gift-wraps will take place at ABC I-Play in Achrafieh on December 28th and at ABC I-Play Dbayeh on December 29th from 4 to 7 p.m. for mums and kids.