: An Online Gift Shop Made by Lebanese Expats, For Lebanese Expats

If you're looking for a place to send thoughtful gifts to your loved ones in Lebanon during the holidays, is your go-to website. I stumbled upon this online shop few weeks back and I loved the experience: Great selection, excellent service, good prices and the best part is same-day delivery for a larger number of products! Presentail has been around for 3 years now and consists of a 30-strong team led by Adnan Ammache,…

Lebanon Needs You to Buy Its Wines

Bloomberg shared an article promoting Lebanese wines to its readers and shared links to shops where some bottles can be found abroad, but they forgot to mention the ultimate website for buying Lebanese wines, and its website for worldwide delivery They have a large selection of wines and they even offer free delivery to the US, Canada & Europe. Also, and throughout September, all proceeds from 209 Lebanese Wine will be donated to…

Order Lebanese Delicacies This Eid – Hallab is Shipping for $1 Only!

2 years ago
If you’re abroad and craving authentic Lebanese delicacies, Hallab 1881 is running a $1 shipping promotion on its international online store. Unfortunately the selection is limited especially the Ashta-based delicacies, which is understandable but you ...
Food : Support Lebanese Artisans & Farmers

2 years ago
One of the many things that was brought to light in these past few months in Lebanon was the fact that we import everything, from food, fruits, vegetables, shoes and even water! The reason behind ...

Le Charcutier Opens in Adonis, Now Has Three Branches in Keserwan

3 years ago
After Sarba in 2008 & Jeita in 2005, Le Charcutier has unveiled its latest store in Keserwan in the Adonis area last week. You’d think that three branches are too much in one area, but ...

A New “All-Year-Long” Cluster Coming to Beit Mery in 2019

4 years ago
Food clusters are still the hottest trend in Lebanon and the latest addition to them is an exciting cluster opening in Beit Mery. The project, which is set to open next summer, promises to be ...

Which Lebanese Supermarket Has the Best Loyalty Card?

4 years ago
I’m really bad at keeping track of my supermarket expenses and I’ve never really considered getting loyalty cards up until I saw Le Charcutier Aoun’s ad last month. Since I’m a regular shopper there, I ...

Holidays Tourists Spending Down by 30% in 2017, NYE Parties Booking Ratio Up to 80%

5 years ago
The Syndicate of Owners of Restaurants, Cafes, Nightclubs & Pastries in Lebanon stated a week ago that spending during the holidays has dropped by 30 to 40% this year when compared to last year. He ...

TSC Signature Closed at the Beirut Souks

5 years ago
I’ve been hearing rumors for quite some time that TSC is closing down at the souks and it just happened. TSC employees were protesting for the past couple of weeks in front of the store ...

Take a Sneak Peek into ABC Verdun’s Garden

5 years ago
Ever since I shared exclusive pictures of ABC Verdun, I had many ask me if there’s any greenery or gardens inside the mall, especially that green areas have a positive impact on the happiness of ...