One of the many things that was brought to light in these past few months in Lebanon was the fact that we import everything, from food, fruits, vegetables, shoes and even water! The reason behind that is a lack of trust in local produce or simply a lack of support and negligence from the authorities.

A new initiative was launched recently called aimed at making the treasures of our villages available and accessible to customers in Beirut. They started off with 3 villages in the South (Deir Mimas, Kafarkila and Marjeyoun) and are planning to expand to other villages.

How does it work?

1- You place your orders on the website by Wednesday midnight max.
2- Villagers freshly prepare the orders (when applicable) on Friday and orders are delivered on Saturday.

Products are minimally packaged by artisans and farmers as packaging is becoming more and more expensive, without impacting the quality of the products of course. All re-usable jars, bottles and containers will also be collected and sent back to the farmers to clean and re-use.

Solidarity is the only way forward. Let’s show support to our farmers & artisans.