Facebook appoints Lebanese Ramez Shehadi as its managing director for the MENA region

In a press release issued on November 20, Facebook has announced the appointment of Lebanese Ramez Shehadi, as its managing director for the Middle East and North Africa region. Shehadi has been an outstanding entrepreneur, with a wide experience with some top international firms, occupying positions most notably as Senior Partner and Managing Director of the MENA portfolio of Booz Allen Hamilton, Lead Partner of the MENA Digital Business and Technology practice of Booz &…

World Bank Urging Lebanese Authorities To Form Government, Implement Reforms

We have the world's third largest public debt-to-GDP ratio, fiscal and electricity reforms, which are seen as priorities ,are not in place yet; inflation is the highest in five years, projection for 2018 real GDP growth for Lebanon was downgraded from 2 to 1 percent yet we've been trying to form a government for almost 6 months now!! We've been warned of an imminent economic crisis for years now, and the truth is no one…

Around 50% of Gas Stations in #Lebanon Don’t Have a License

2 months ago
The Syndicate of Gas Station Owners estimated the number of unlicensed gas stations in #Lebanon to be around 1,500, out of 3,000 gas stations across the country. “Less than half of the gas stations are ...

Inflation at 7.6%, Highest Level in Five Years in #Lebanon

3 months ago
The Consumer Price Index is still on the rise in Lebanon, standing at 7.6% in July which is the highest recorded level in the past five years. Food and non-alcoholic beverages prices rose by six ...

List of Donors at the #CEDRE Conference

8 months ago
Lebanon received more than $11 billion between loans and grants at the CEDRE conference last week, in a bid to support development projects and reforms in the country. We were looking for investments between $16 ...

EBRD Injects Confidence in Lebanese Financial Sector with Acquisition of 2.51% of Bank Audi’s Total Common Shares

9 months ago
These days, most of the news surrounding Lebanon’s economy and financial sector are dire warnings for a Greece-like meltdown in Lebanon, the world’s third most indebted country. This is why the European Bank for Reconstruction ...

2017 Corruption Index: Lebanon Still Corrupt AF

9 months ago
The 2017 Corruption Perceptions Index placed Lebanon at the 143rd spot out of 180 countries and 14th out of 20 countries in Middle East and North Africa. The report did state that Lebanon is taking ...

Should Lebanese Banks Close on Saturdays?

10 months ago
Lebanon’s official weekend holidays is still proving to be a hot topic in the country, as Lebanese banks may decide to close this coming Saturday and all Saturdays from now on. Previously, Fridays and Saturdays ...

#Lebanon Still Has Third Highest Debt-to-GDP Ratio in the World

11 months ago
Debt is not necessarily a bad thing when governments borrow to fund spending on infrastructure or hospitals and schools, which is clearly not happening in Lebanon. Still though, we have an increasing debt-to-GDP ratio at ...

[Updated] Can McKinsey Help Revive Lebanon’s Economy?

11 months ago
Update 10/07/2018: Global consulting firm McKinsey & Co. has set out its vision for Lebanon’s economy, with recommendations ranging from building a wealth-management and investment-banking hub to becoming a provider of medicinal cannabis. Turning it ...