Few days ago, a couple of speed bumps were installed in front of Aishti Sea Side causing huge traffic and leaving motorists passing-by furious. How are they allowed to place speed bumps on a main road? Who gave them permission to do so?

The truth is everything is wrong about this road and it’s hazardous to drive there especially at night. There’s no lighting, no signs, no safety barriers. The road is not even straight, potholes everywhere and of course cars stopping on the left side to go down to Aishti or surrounding shops.

That’s how most roads in Lebanon are and it makes a lot of sense to put small speed bumps or signs to slow down cars, as long no cars are stopping on the left to give it to some Valet or just to park. It’s already a tiny two-lane road and no one should be allowed to park left or right.

What to do?
Instead of setting up huge speed bumps, the easiest way to fix this mess is to simply ban the Valet service on this road and forbid cars to park on any side of the road for any reason. Needless to say, it would help to have some signs and lights but I know that’s a lot to ask 😛