I visit thechive.com regularly and on more than one occasion I’ve seen a picture of the “FAP” mattress company from Lebanon. At first a friend suggested that it might be funny to people who know the GAP stores.

Today I saw a post on another website (picture above), with the caption “Possibly the best billboard everrrr”. I asked a friend and he told me what it really means.

Ladies and gentlemen, the definition of FAP, from the Urban Dictionary:

– Fap: The onomatopoeic representation of masturbation
– Fap: A sound effect for masturbation used often in japanese comics
– Fap fap fap: The sound made when you jack off

So now that you know what FAP means, scroll back up and re-read the ad.

Update: Eatliver.com always commented on the FAP ad.

Credit to AF for the discovery