A friend of mine and loyal reader to the blog was attending the Awards Ceremony and closing film of the 10th Edition of the Beirut Film Festival that was held at Unesco in Beirut. She emailed me after the ceremony was over informing me that the closing film chosen by the committe was “I am love” by Luca Guadagnino, but the big surprise and the most moving part is when they announced that the movie “Chou Sar” for DeGaulle Eid won the Special Jury Prize.

During his thank you speech and i am quoting, he said that he was astonished to win a prize when no one saw his movie. This is where a lady from the audience stood up and shouted: ” badna nshouf el film”! and then everybody stood up and started applauding!

Chou Sar was banned in Lebanon by the ISF for inciting sectarianism.

Here are the full results of this closing ceremony.