It’s been 1 week since I kicked off the #BbaladivsTechiedad challenge. Jimmy from Techie Dad and myself were supposed to do the following:

1– Walk/Jog on average 8000 steps a day.
2– Complete four weeks of the one hundred push-ups program.
3– Perform 3 sets of 15 of any upper body exercise you choose on a daily basis.

In terms of steps, I’ve average 10,870 steps last week which is above average. My best performance was 14,298 steps on November 29. As for push-ups, I missed out on a couple of days so I need to pick up the pace to stay on track with the one hundred push-ups program.

As far as upper body exercises are concerned, I’ve been using the rowing machine at the gym which is fantastic for working out your whole body. In the past week, I rowed 2000m four times.

All in all, I lost 1.8 KG so far, had one cheat meal (Cheese & Wine) and ate one Atayif only on Berbara. Deek Duke has also volunteered to send me light meals for the next two weeks which is awesome!

I’m planning to start jogging this by end of this week and try to average more steps daily.