Abu Diab’s residence in al-Jahliyeh, a village in the Chouf District, served as a refuge during the civil war. However, after he discovered under his residence an entire structure of multiple vaults interconnected through tunnels, he decided to turn his refuge into a heritage museum. The vaults he found date back to the Ottoman-era, the same vaults that were used by local officials and notables from al-Jahliyeh to meet in secret.

Ever since his discovery, Abu Diab embarked on a restoration journey that included cleaning up the debris, installing steel reinforcement and more importantly adding his artistic touch to depict the village life of al-Jahliyeh, its customs, and its characteristics.

His museum has since turned into a touristic attraction with its rock tunnels, corridors, fishponds and art work.

Here’s a report done by Kameel Rayes on Abu Diab’s museum:

And few pictures I found online: