Sexual harassment is rarely openly discussed in our society but it is quite common and most victims would rather keep quiet than share their stories. Normally, the police should be the first place to go to when you’re harassed but most of the time, the victims are laughed at or even harassed by police officers themselves.

That’s why three female entrepreneurs, Sandra Hassan, Myra el Mir and Nay el Rahi, have kickstarted a sexual harassment tracker in Beirut in an attempt to “empower victims to report” these crimes and “raise awareness as to the frequency and severity of sexual harassment in the city”.

mar mikhail

HarassTracker is a platform that allows you to pinpoint where you were subject to a harassment of any kind and add details about the perpetrator and the incident. It also gives an overview on the laws related to harassment in Lebanon and the different organizations and NGOS that can offer help to the victims. There’s no English version though of the website.


There are already tens of testimonies posted on the website. If you can relate to any of them, do share further information in order to shed more light on the harasser and put more pressure on the police and the government to act.

Check out Harasstracker and follow them on Facebook and Instagram for further updates.

Originally posted by Gino