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On my way back home yesterday, and as I was about to make a turn and go park in front of my house, I spotted a man in his 50s or 60s on the street trying to tell me something. I slowed down and asked him what he needed; He told me that he’s been standing here for an hour and a half and needs a ride to Zouk. Honestly speaking, I wouldn’t have thought twice before picking up him few years back but with everything that’s been happening in Lebanon, one has to consider all possibilities before doing anything.

So I first hesitated and wanted to just ignore him and move on, but he looks tired and sad so I thought I ask him few questions and see how I can help. He told me that he was going to see his son, whose phone was closed for some reason, and that he always hitchhikes. I noticed that he was holding some money in his hand (Around 4000 Liras) as he was hoping for a cab to pass by, but knowing that he lives nearby (That’s what he said), he should have known very few taxis pass by this area, specially after 10pm.

Anyway, I finally asked him to sit down and rest a bit and I called a taxi company to come pick him up. They took some 15 minutes so I waited outside with him, paid the taxi driver and sent him to his son (If that’s where he’s really headed). He first asked me how much it will cost, as he was worried that they might rip me off, and then went inside a small market and bought himself a soft drink (Mirinda) with the money he had while waiting.

I felt guilty that I didn’t take him myself but I stopped picking up hitchhikers years ago after all the stories I heard and I am not making any exceptions. He could be mentally ill, or trying to drag me somewhere where I get robbed by others, or just an old powerless man trying to get to his son’s place (I don’t know what kind of son leaves his father this way). In all cases, I hope I did the right thing and I feel bad that we’ve reached this stage in Lebanon where no one can be trusted.

To leave on a positive note, and as I was looking for pictures of hitchhiking in Lebanon, which I’ve never done myself, I remembered a post about a 25 year old photographer called Sébastian Dahl who has hitchhiked 10,000km to get from Oslo (Norway) to Beirut (Lebanon). He used 112 cars, trucks and scooters in total and took some awesome pictures. Check it out [Here].