The Gherbal Initiative launched an interactive page showing all the amounts transferred from the revenues of the Municipal Fund to all municipalities since 1993 (paid in 1996) until 2017 (paid in 2019).

Here are some interesting numbers:
– Beirut municipality received 88,118,039,000 LBP in 2019 while Zahle received 86,661,993,608 LBP since 1993.
– Mount Lebanon received 1,529,703,094,941 LBP since 1993, twice as much as North Lebanon (755,745,409,892 LBP).
– Akkar (351,300,315,630 LBP) & Baalbeck-Hermel (385,553,501,406 LBP) received the lowest amounts since 1993, followed by Bekaa (412,664,562,072 LBP)

You check out the amounts per province and per town [here].