In the past six months or more, I’ve been spending on average $15 as extra MB consumption on my primary mobile internet plan. I’m also consuming all 10GB on my 4G dongle and secondary line despite having WIFI at home and at work.

I’ve been trying to figure out why I’m over-consuming and I analyzed my usage stats and it’s mainly due to three things:

1- I’m almost always on 4G or 4G+ which obviously consumes more (and faster) than the normal 3G connection (YouTube mainly).
2- DSL (WIFI connections) have gotten worse in the past few months, especially my home connection so I’m always working and browsing using my mobile as a hotspot (3.67 out of 5GB on my secondary line were used as hotspot).
3- More video & voice calls.

Given that I’m not even using Netflix or downloading movies recently, the only thing that would make sense is to upgrade to the 20GB plan, especially with the newly reduced mobile prices. By cutting down on regular phone calls and using Whatsapp calls more often, I should end up paying the same bill.

Nevertheless, I think it’s about time Alfa & Touch revise the current bundles with the 4G+ expansion plan in terms of quotas, and of course that Ogero does something to improve my miserable DSL connection. We were promised an upgrade on all DSL connections soon and I’m still hopeful that it would happen before end of year.