Just found this AMAZING article on Juicy Burger dating back to 1984. The article talks about how Juicy Burger started, the success they had and how they were growing and expanding even though there was a war taking place. I tried to find a logo or visual of Juicy Burger to attach to this post but couldn’t find anything so if anyone finds one please tell me.

But last year, amidst all the terrorist attacks, civil strife, assassinations and shellings, a new American-style fast-food burger and chicken chain called Juicy Burger not only managed to open three downtown restaurants but posted annualized average unit volumes in excess of $2 million.

And even though the situation in Beirut has deteriorated close to anarchy in recent weeks, Juicy Burger officials insist they will open at least one additional unit here this year, plus others in Egypt and Cyprus.

Juicy Burger units are staffed by local students and housewives. Restaurants have six service counter cashiers, two ice cream dippers and cashiers, and three cooks per shift. Two other workers handle food preparation: fresh chickens are purchased whole and cleaned and cut on the premises; roast beef is cooked at the unit level every day, and coleslaw and tartar sauce are made from scratch. Labor costs are about 13% of total sales.

Employees are required to have a working knowledge of English, Arabic and French, the three dominant languages in Beirut. A training unit is situated on Tripoli Highway which has facilities for classroom work and practical experience training.

You can read the full two page article [Here]