On my way back home from Koreitem, i passed by Hamra to have dinner at Le Rouge and waste time so i don’t get stuck in traffic all the way back to Jounieh. I am not a big fan of Hamra to be honest, but there are few decent places one can go to for a dinner or a drink.

Once we got in the restaurant, we were asked whether we want to be seated in the smoking or non-smoking area. This new trend in Lebanon is not really working out, as the two areas are practically within the same room with no isolator, so it’s like assigning a peeing area and a non-peeing area in a pool. Added to that, they don’t give you ashtrays in the non-smoking area and expect you to throw you garbage on the ground maybe ?

I ordered a grilled chicken platter and a shanghai salad and my gf ordered a steak sandwich. Funnily enough, the waiter didn’t write down the order and repeated it for us showing that he memorized it, but he still managed to get the steak sandwich with tomatoes and onions, even though we ordered it without them. Even before that, he got us the bill of some other table while we were waiting for our food.

But I was too hungry to be bothered and my meal was delicious !

PS: Le Rouge is also open in Gemmayze.

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