Ex-PM Hassan Diab announced yesterday a new two-week lockdown to contain the COVID-19 spread starting November 14 up until November 30. The airport will remain open, as well as vital industries and hospitals of course. Unfortunately, and just like every other decision taken by this government, they did not agree on a plan to enforce the lockdown prior to announcing it, and today’s Serail meeting was a waste of time.

So in other words, they announced a lockdown they cannot enforce, just like they decided to re-open the country following the first lockdown without planning, and the outcome will be a wider spread of the virus and hospitals no longer capable of receiving new patients.

Add to that the lack of drugs and medical supplies, the low rate of PCR testing, the inconsistency in applying COVID-19 regulations at the airport and pretty much all over the country, and we’re guaranteed to be heading to a worsening situation.

Obviously Lebanon is not the only country struggling to contain the virus, but the least those tasked with enforcing the lockdown can do is lay out a plan and tell us what’s doable and what’s not. Bring in the concerned parties from all sectors and figure out a reasonable and realistic way to enforce a lockdown. It’s not rocket science and it doesn’t take a PHD to figure it out.

All in all, don’t expect much from this lockdown. If the cases drop slightly in the coming weeks, they will surge back if no plans are set in place for the re-opening phase. This being said, it’s up to the people once again to be more cautious, to raise awareness on social distancing and watch out for themselves and loved ones. Don’t expect from this government to do anything for you, take care of yourself and stay safe until this pandemic is contained.