Waddah Malaeb, a Lebanese engineer, was crowned “Stars of Science” Season 12 winner. The show is the leading innovation show in the Arab World, and aims at empowering Arab innovators to develop technological solutions for their communities, benefitting people’s health and lifestyles, and helping to preserve the environment.

Malaeb won the title for his “Ductal Organoid-on-a-Chip!” invention. The chip is based on growing organ chip technology, and provides an environment in which cells can grow and reorganise into tissues as if they were in the human body, providing the perfect atmosphere to conduct drug testing massively, efficiently, and affordably. You can read more about it [here].

Malaeb beat three other finalists and will be awarded $300,000 as a top prize. Fouad Maksoud, another Lebanese, was voted the Arab world’s top innovator in the season finale of Stars of Science’s 9th edition two years ago.