Elissa apparently upset a lot of Lebanese after her small speech last night concerning the Roueiss bombing. I looked up what she said and it doesn’t look as bad as people are saying. I think she wasn’t clear but that doesn’t justify the disgraceful comments on YouTube and on Facebook.

Here’s a summary of what she said and what she apparently meant:
“قالت انها ستفتتح الحفل بأغنية وطنية خصوصا بعد اللي صار (تقصد انفجار الرويس) وقالت هيدي اول مرة يمكن ما بستنكر وما تأسفت لانو اللي صار معن صاير علينا (بمعنى أن المصاب واحد) وقالت هني اهلنا ونحن كمقاومة لازم كل واحد يقاوم باختصاصو وانا شغلتي ازرع الفرح بتمنى اللي لازم يستنكروا يستنكروا ويساعدونا (وتقصد السياسيين السياسيين) لانو طفح الكيل، والله يرحم اللي راحوا ولبنان رح يبقى”.

Maybe she didn’t make herself clear but what I understood is that she doesn’t want to condemn the same way politicians do in this country, that we are all one and she wants to resist like an artist does. She also presented her condolences to the families.

In all cases, she should prepare her speeches better, and her tweets as well …