2 Cardi diagnostics Ziad Sankari_MGL3399
CardioDiagnostics by Ziad Sankari and Layla el-Zein

Executive Magazine posted a list of Lebanon’s Top 20 Entrepreneurs of 2013. I wouldn’t call some of them entrepreneurs to be honest and it’s weird to find so many “undisclosed revenues”.

Category: Industry Leaders
Anghami – Entrepreneurs: Eddy Maroun, Elie Habib
Cedar Books – Entrepreneurs: Cyril Hadji-Thomas, Sany Naufal
Cedar Environmental – Entrepreneur: Ziad Abi Chaker
Cleartag – Entrepreneur: Tarek Dajani
Dawtec – Entrepreneur: Wissam Daou
Diwanee – Entrepreneurs: Delphine Eddé, Hervé Cuviliez, Ivan Petrovic, Patrick Boulos
Nymgo – Entrepreneur: Omar Onsi
Paravision – Entrepreneur: Michel Sfeir
The Little Engineer – Entrepreneur: Rana Shmaitelly
Woopra – Entrepreneur: Elie Khoury

Category: Startup Entrepreneurs
Bnooki – Entrepreneurs: Elie BouJaoude (pictured), Nicolas L’Helgoualch, Yann Rotyl
CardioDiagnostics – Entrepreneurs: Ziad Sankari, Layla el-Zein
Dom Controls – Entrepreneur: Ahmad Bizri
eTobb – Entrepreneurs: Paul Saber, Sara Helou, Jad Joubran
Kashida – Entrepreneurs: Elie Abou Jamra, Mirna Hamady
Moujaz – Entrepreneurs: Shadi Moadad, Ali Hammoud
Pin Pay – Entrepreneur: Omar Bader
Presella – Entrepreneurs: Walid Singer, Louay Al Kadri
Ubility Net – Entrepreneurs: Ziad Mabsout, Khaled Dassouki
Zoomal – Entrepreneur: Abdalla Absi

There is a lot of talent active in Lebanon’s entrepreneurial landscape. The country’s entrepreneurs are clever, innovative and, most of all, resilient. When Executive picked its list of top 20 entrepreneurs, it looked at impact, innovation, business model, and scalability. This year’s entrepreneurs reflect excellence in these categories, both in terms of successful companies that have presented success stories for the country, and on the part of startups who are boldly launching their businesses in an uncertain climate.