I am sure all of you have heard Pharrell Williams’s Happy song and seen the world’s [first 24 hour music video]. The whole video and idea are pure genius and seeing all these people dancing happily is a great way to cheer yourself up on a bad day.

Having said that, and since Lebanon is going through bad MONTHS not just days, I thought we make our own version of Pharrel’s song by compiling clips sent from various Lebanese from all across the country. I tweeted last week to see how many people would be interested in this idea and got plenty of positive replies. Liliane also posted about that yesterday and also got some positive feedback.

I think we all agree that dancing and music are great ways to boost happiness and feel better, so here’s what you have to do to take part in this video clip and make it happen!

– Film yourself either alone or with your friends or anyway you want for at least 10-15 seconds dancing the Pharrell Williams’s Happy song. You could film yourself dancing at home, on a sidewalk, in the park, in the parking lot, on the roof, anywhere you like.

– Make sure the camera is fixed and set properly just like you can see it in the video clip above.

– Check that the video is a good quality one, save it as .mov or .mp4
& email me najib@blogbaladi.com. If you are filming using a smart phone, use it horizontally and avoid using the zoom.

Once I receive the needed entries, I will compile and edit them with the help of a friend into one video clip and upload it on YouTube. The sooner I get the needed amount of videos, the earlier I upload the video so spread the message and let’s make this happen and show a better image of Lebanon.

You can check out the [Dubai Version] or [Bucharest] version or [Paris Version] and a lot more versions online to have an idea on how to make your video and send it over.