This has to be the smartest idea anyone has ever come with in Lebanon. is an online directory for craftsmen so if you’re looking for a painter or electrician for example you can just visit the website, choose what you’re looking for and then search for contacts. But what I found great is the ability to come back later and review the person!

From personal experience I need a website like this. I’ve been working on my apartment for what seems like forever. It was originally scheduled to be finished last August, then November, then by Christmas, then by end of January and now I honestly have no idea when it’s going to be completed. My biggest problem is the suppliers who are unreliable, are liars, are untrustworthy about don’t stick to deadlines. So if I had chosen my suppliers from I would have gone back and given them all low ratings and let people know to stay away from these people. On the other hand my metal guy has been really great and trustworthy so I would have given him a positive review and recommended people use him.

According to the website over 500 craftsmen have signed up already but I really hope people take time once the job is completed to come back and leave a review. Check out the website [Here]

Thanks Sarah