I finally went to visit Stone restaurant after hearing so much about it, and one thing’s for sure that looks can be deceiving. The place is beautiful from the outside but the food is average and the service is slow.

The place was almost empty when we got there, probably because it was a Sunday night, but still there was no one at the entrance to welcome us in. The restaurant is beautiful from the inside, with the chimney, stone walls and lighting, yet it’s not as big as it appears and barely fits 150 people.

The menu is international but not that rich, and has some spelling mistakes. I know it’s not a big deal but it’s a major turnoff for me especially when the restaurant is supposed to be a fancy one.

Nevertheless, we ordered an appetizer, a goat cheese sandwich, a chicken platter and two pizzas. The appetizer was tiny but ok, the goat cheese sandwich was good but the pizzas and the chicken platter were bad (Chicken tasted funny). Pizzas were supposedly made Italian-style but are crap when compared to Olio, La Piazza, Marguerita pizzas for example. Pizzas might not be Stone’s specialty, but salads and main dishes were also not appealing.

One last thing that caught my attention was the spot dedicated to the Tenor Eliya Francis who performs there every Thursday. It’s right next to the chimney and very close to the tables which is pretty inconvenient for the audience.

In all, the restaurant has a great location, a great interior and a beautiful view, but average food. I think they should make better pizzas, enhance their menu by adding some Cheese & Wine formula, or maybe Fondue For Two and a salad bar.