The most important food for me during Easter is maamoul and I always look forward to my mum’s home-made maamoul. I like the ones filled with date and walnuts fillings the most but I’ve never really appreciated mixing chocolate with the original filling because the outcome would be too sweet up until I tried Casper and Gambini’s half dipped in chocolate maamoul sticks today. The sticks were just perfect and soft, not too sweet not too heavy and rich in flavor and I have to thank Mustapha for telling me about them before Easter was over. The last time I enjoyed a new maamoul creation was few years back when my dad got us honey-filled maamoul.

PS: I’m not sure though if I should be thanking Casper for sending me a whole box of maamoul sticks because I’ve already had 6 today. For those of you who asked me if they are still available, I don’t think Casper is doing them anymore as Easter is over, but you can always ask (I’m not sharing mine :p).