Earlier this month, on September 17, Malak Al Tawouk launched their new mobile application, entitled “DJEIJITAL”, an amalgan of the words DJEIJ (Arabic for Chicken) and DIGITAL.

The announcement came in a very humorous way on their Facebook page:

“Sar 3enna application w sar 3enna application! 🎶 💃🏻
Serna Mlouk 3asr el DJEIJITAL!
El Application mawjoude 3al Apple Store w 3a Google Play Store, nazlouwa w tlobo delivery mnel app hek hek darab el jou3!
w 3a fekra 3a awal talabiye byotla3elkun Breaded Tawouk bi balesh.”

As stated above, you will receive a “Breaded Tawouk” for free on your first order through the app, which is available for download on the following links:

Google Play Store
Apple Store