Micky Chebli Photo Credits: Patrick Baz

Micky Chebli is a Lebanese financier, humanitarian and accomplished athlete. He decided this year to celebrate his 50th anniversary by embarking on a journey from Paris to Beirut on a bike in an attempt to raise $300,000 to help three NGOs, Les Petits Soleils, My School Pulse & Oum el Nour, and to serve as a role mode for his children.

Chebli kicked off his journey on May 26th from Paris and arrived in Lebanon on July 2nd. He managed to collect over $100,000 which will be distributed to the three NGOs, noting that he covered fully the costs of his adventure (travel expenses, technical support, equipment, gear, and campaign implementation).

mk1 “My Pain is temporarily, saving a child is forever.” Micky Chebli

This is quite an amazing achievement, one that will surely inspire his children years from now and help save children in need. We need more inspirational athletes like Micky Chebli in this country.

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