It’s lent season and a lot of people tend to follow the Church’s guidelines and fast daily from midnight until noon and refrain from eating meat and dairy products, even on Sundays. Not eating meat for a month may be easy to do, but abstaining from dairy products or anything that has milk, eggs or butter in it is quite tough.

I have a couple of family members who abstain from dairy products, so I thought I get them some of Clement & Marc Tannouri’s lent-friendly croissants and they were pleasantly surprised with the taste. They wouldn’t believe me at first when I told them the croissants are butter-free and that delicious and I’m sure they’re still not buying it haha!

I did call the “Chasseur Des Saveurs” guys however and confirmed the croissants don’t have any dairy products in them. They’re available in thyme, olives, Almonds, Chocolate and plain. The chocolate is pure Valrhona cocoa with no milk or butter whatsoever. They should consider making Sfouf & Nammoura 😋

My two favorite flavors were the Almonds & Thyme. I already placed another order for Friday since my aunts now want to give it a try.

You can place your orders via 03 753 563.