The Lebanese Ministry Of Public Health launched today a mobile app for Android and iOS devices, aimed at facilitating the cooperation with other ministries, the private sector and civil society. I downloaded it and thought it was a very useful app.


Once you install and open the app, you get a welcoming page with sliding banners on top, a small news updates tab in the middle then the different menu items. Here’s what you can do with this app:

– Check out the official price of a medicine from a long detailed list. [Drugs Price List]
– Determine if your medicine is legal by checking the [Distributed Drugs] list.
– Check out the various MOPH campaigns and other media in the [Gallery].
– Report fraudulent action to the ministry in the [Be Responsible] section. You can also attach pictures.
– [Locate Public or Private Hospitals] nearby from a long detailed list sorted by area.
– Access the numerous services and campaigns of Ministry of Health under the [MOPH Directory].
– You can also call directly the MOPH on their hotline 1214.

There’s one option that I believe should be added, one that allows users to follow up on their complaints and see if any actions were taken. That will make Lebanese trust the ministry more and cooperate in a better way.