Najib posted about how awesome MTC were two weeks ago for helping his friend out when he had a problem. Well I ran into a problem today and it was like a big WTF.

My previous MTC line got killed because I didn’t recharge it so since I’m in Lebanon for 5 days I figured I’d get another line so I could get online from my iphone so I can tweet and stuff. I went bought a line from a store, put the sim card in my phone and called 111 to get internet activated. Mobile Internet was the second option in the menu so I pressed 2 and listened to instructions on how to activate the internet which is sending and SMS with the word “mi” to 1188. I do that and get a message that mobile internet will be activated in 24 hours.

So I think great. But the automated system said something about a 25MB limit, I wanted at least 100 so I called 111 to talk to a customer support agent and while I am going through the menu options I get to around option #7 or 8 and I hear 3.9G Internet. I was curious to what that was and go into the menu and realize they have a package I wanted which was 19$ for 500MB. I hangup send the SMS “hs2” to 1188 to activate that package and to my surprise I get the following:

“Dear Customer, you cannot subscribe to 3.9G – 500MB Service because you are subscribed to Mobile Internet Service. You can subscribe as of 2012-05-08”

I was like WTF? So I call and talk to a customer support agent, I tell him I wanted internet on my phone and the first option that came up I signed up to but I want to upgrade it to 3.9G and I am getting an error. He tells me I need to wait till next month. I was like you can take the $5 I paid for mobile internet, cancel it and let me sign up to the 19$ package. He was like he can’t do that. After like 5 minutes of arguing I was like ok fine, so whats the difference anyway? He’s like what phone do you have? I was like an iPhone. He was like Mobile Internet doesn’t work on your iPhone since mobile internet is WAP.

That’s where I blew it. I was like WTF? WAP? Who the hell still uses WAP? Why the hell are you calling it Mobile Internet and why is it the second option in the automated menu? I mean seriously? I got a new phone line, called 111, got an option for mobile internet which I assumed meant internet on my mobile and it turns out you have ANOTHER mobile internet option called 3.9G hidden later in the options and what’s even more confusing is what you call mobile internet is actually WAP?

I was super pissed and the guy wouldn’t do anything about it. I couldn’t throw money at the problem, I asked to talk to the technical department and he refused to transfer me and I was getting really pissed. Finally I asked to file a complaint so that at least MTC know how stupid and confusing their terminology and menu layout is and he wouldn’t even do that. He told me he can’t take or file complaints. WTF?!! I then asked to speak to the person in charge at the call center and although it took some convincing I finally got through to him. The call center manager was much more understanding and unlike the first guy I spoke to was aware of this issue which seems to happen with a lot of people and was very apologetic. Still though nothing could be done about it.

So now my only solution is to buy another line so I can get internet on my phone. That’s ridiculous and MTC really need to fix this crap.