I’ve been following up on the situation in Tripoli and the deadly clashes between various factions there and I have to say that the media is playing a very negative role in their coverage. I agree with Mustapha that the events in Tripoli are not the outcome of stark poverty and wretchedness in that miserable part of Lebanon, and with Habib as well that we need to know the actual details in this grand scheme and the groups and individuals receiving and distributing these bullets and guns, but I also think local TVs should be handling those events in a more professional and responsible matter.

Check out this video published by LBCI today for instance. We all know children living in Tripoli and its surrounding are going through a rough time but that doesn’t make them Children Fighters or imply that they want to form military factions. All kids like to play with toy guns and those in Tripoli are no different from the ones in Beirut or Saida or Jounieh. What’s the big deal if they are carrying toy guns? or made a silly video?

I ask LBCI and all Lebanese TVs to stop making a big deal out of silly things just to get attention and focus on extracting the truth out of recent events.