Samia Dagher is a software engineer from Tripoli but also a highly talented artist who specializes in drawing portraits using ballpoint pens, colored pencils or simply pencils and charcoals. I’ve been following her page for a couple of years now and her paintings are absolutely mind blowing. The attention to details, the precision and the finishing touches are quite amazing; you can check it for yourself [here].

I asked Samia a couple of months ago to draw a portrait for my dad who passed away almost two years ago now, as I wanted to get my mom a special gift for Mother’s Day. I wanted a picture that best describes dad, one where he’s chilling and smiling as he always did and having a drink or smoking his cigar. Here’s the picture I chose and how the portrait turned out to be:

I chose a framed A3 drawing done with ballpoint pens (one color) and as you can see, the portrait turned out to be amazing. She even sent me a video showing the progress that you can see below: