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Out of all famous leaders and personalities in the world and in Lebanon, Najwa Karam picked Adolph Hitler as one of the many men that, if combined, would make her ideal man. Seriously? Hitler?!?

On last week’s Mtv Lebanon’s Talk Of The Town show, the 46 year old songstress was asked by host Mona Abou Hamze to list different men, that if combined, would make her ideal man. Two of her choices were utterly appalling not to mention extremely disappointing from someone with her influence.

First she chose Hitler, yes you read correctly, Adolf Hitler, she said, for his “charisma” and his ability to carry out a speech. The sad part is no one really raised an eyebrow or even attempted to challenge that irresponsible and ignorant reply. How is it that in this day and age, a public figure, specifically a somewhat liberal woman, would advocate or publicly applaud a characteristic of HITLER? [Ivysays]

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