For the first time ever since 1932, Lebanon has approximate new demographic data.  That is 87 years after the last numbers were published, while most countries do so on a 3 to 5-year basis.

The numbers are provided by Information International, an independent regional research & consultancy firm based in Beirut.

The numbers worth noting:

1- The Lebanese population increased by 426% in 86 years, with around 4.4 million new souls born since 1932.

2- The increase is about 174.5% for Christians and 785.1% for Muslims.

3- Muslims made 40% of the community back in 1932. They now form 69.4% of it.

4- Christians made 58.7% of the community back in 1932. They now form 30.6% of it.

5- Shiites are the biggest community in the country today, representing 31.6% of the population. They are followed closely by the Sunnites (31.3%) and the Christians (30.6%).

6- The biggest gains in numbers belong to the Alawites (1052% of increase), followed by the Shiites (946%).

7- Among the 5.5 million Lebanese nationality holders worldwide, 4.2 million reside in Lebanon, while 1.3 million of them (24%) live abroad. There are no official data regarding the number of people from Lebanese origin living abroad, which is definitely much bigger than that.