Telecom Ministry and Alfa will sponsor the new “NAJAT” application

A new mobile application called “Najat” will be launched very soon to help the Lebanese Red Cross locate people who call them for emergencies. The app is called “Najat” after Najat Waked, a loving mother who passed away few days ago on her way to the hospital. Her family had called an ambulance but they were in a state of shock and didn’t guide the driver properly to their house, which made him lose his way and arrive late. Najat could have been saved if she had made it 3 minutes earlier to the hospital.

Nevertheless, a great initiative came out of this tragic story as the Waked family decided to help the Lebanese Red Cross to quickly and accurately locate people in need of help by creating a free mobile app and installing a navigation system on every Red Cross Ambulance. Alfa Telecom and the Telecommunications Ministry sponsored the idea and provided tablets, 3G connections and covered all the app development and training costs.

The Najat mobile application will become available very soon on iOS and Android. Stay posted for updates [Here].