I had a birthday party yesterday at Pierre & Friends, a pub-resto located right on the beach in Madfoun, a region between Jbeil & Batroun. I’ve been to the place before last summer, it’s really nice to go there, chill out and have a drink and even go for a swim during the day or at night. However, make sure that you eat before going there because the food is horrible.

A minor issue about yesterday’s party was that the weather was still a bit cold and so everyone was freezing, but apparently the organizers had that figured out and were planning to light a fire and so they did. Too bad they miscalculated the wind direction and all the smoke was coming our way, so we had to turn the fire off eventually. Still, it was a nice relaxing night away from closed pubs, smoke clouds and loud music.

During the summer, the place gets packed on weekends so i advise those wanting to enjoy a relaxing evening to go there during weekdays. Here are some more pictures of the place.

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