I was shopping online for a Kosmodisk. It’s a belt that apparently alleviates backpain. I chose the model and added to the shopping cart, but since Lebanon is part of the Axis of Evil, I couldn’t pay with my Lebanese credit card because of Paypal. Another problem was that they don’t deliver to Lebanon. So I sent an email to customer service asking about alternative payment and shipment methods. This is the answer I got:

“Dear Mr.,

I checked also with my colleague, who cares for www.topshoptv.com web page and on this page also all payments go through Paypal.

Only thing which I can suggest and might work for you is that someone buys it for you in Israel (if this is possible at all), while this is the nearest country to Lebanon where Kosmodisk Active is sold: http://www.kosmodisk.co.il/

I hope this will somehow work for you.

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